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About Camilla

Hi, I'm Camilla Slater 

I'm a life coach in Hamilton, Waikato Aotearoa New Zealand and I serve women both online and in person, nationally and internationally.

I'm also a trauma coach, PTSD coach, creative coach and spiritual coach who works with women just like you, in person and online via zoom.

I'm also a mother, partner, regenerative farmer, writer and award-winning artist and creator. 

I have a strong creative, philosophical and spiritual/mystical approach to living and this wisely informs the work I do.

I'm committed to helping you, if you're a woman or man with an adversity or trauma history and you are ready to explore yourself, your life and your past and present and future, so you can claim more peace, freedom and life meaning. 

The work I do is not about platitudes, fast buck sales, or pithy coaching techniques.

It is real, considered and I commit to serving you and your best interests when you come to work with me.

We do very profound and important work...together.

I help women and men just like you create and self-create life direction. I help you resolve the issues that are causing you concern.


I use a creative sensibility, including writing and visual arts, body work, breathwork, spirituality and philosophy, mysticism, aspects work and more, to help you become all that you really are.


This reality is often blocked by past adversity or even trauma or complex trauma or ptsd - all of which I have experienced in youth and gone on to heal from beautifully.

I know what it's like to be stuck and then learn how to change and find true joy and dynamism and freedom.

I help you uplevel from really ingrained and persistent issues that have been stopping you from living fully.


Here's some key things you might want to know:


  • You¬†are served right here right now 100% with love and empathy
  • You are moved BEYOND your adversity or blocks with life coaching, trauma coaching and even spiritual coaching¬†so you transform your symptoms
  • You'll be coached by a woman who already has "enough" materially. If you want that too, I can show you how¬†
  • You'll get real life coaching guidance, loving, compassionate, kick-a** strong
  • When you work with me as your life and spiritual and even creative coach, you change and you find joy
  • When you work with me you are being coached by a woman with over 25 years experience healing and changing and growing.
  • I'm highly experienced, certified and trained in mentoring women and men with trauma or adversity issues. I'm not new to this and I'm not interested in being a flash in the pan or the next insta influencer and star
  • I'm IFS informed and trauma-informed
  • I'm a twice daily meditator
  • I'm a creative and creative coach - a daily writer¬†& award winning artist
  • I exercise several times a week¬†and have done this for over 2 decades
  • My "niche" is an integrated life coaching approach
  • We run an organic/regenerative farm for fun (with my husband Brett who¬†I love dearly)
  • I am surrounded by animals¬†and animal wisdom
  • You can work with me one to one online
  • You can work with me in person, or in small groups
  • If you are an elite client¬†and you want¬†more personal guidance from a trauma coach and life coach, and the situations is right for us both, I'll travel to you wherever you are in the world, for one to one elite intensives. I have been doing this for a few years and it is a fabulous way for you to heal and uplevel
  • You'll be guided¬†so you finally¬†make meaning out of obstacles, adversity and trauma
  • I show you how to¬†create¬†a life that is meaningful to YOU
  • You'll be guided by me to¬†create success in¬†the area(s) you choose
  • I'm an example of what's truly possible if you¬†decide to work with me

Peace, purpose, success so you create and live your one true life - happily. 

A good place to start with that?



Come to the weekly CREATING YOUR PATH Conversations and find out more. 


There's ideas, guidance and support from a committed, wise and intelligent trauma-informed coach/mentor.



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