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How To Be With You

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Learning how to live in your own skin - happily - can be an exhilarating and exciting pursuit. All too often, it's posited as a difficult and miserable challenge, involving trauma, memories, heartache and grief.

But what if that was only a small part of the story?


Trauma and YOUR Spirituality


Ultimately, as your coach, I'm interested in helping you move beyond the fraught contraint of trauma symptoms, in a way that is compassionate, real, fierce and very considered. 

And that often leads you and me to the realm of spirituality.

What does it mean to embrace your spirituality on the coaching and trauma healing journey?

What does it mean to move beyond your trauma so that you experience life in a much more self-directing AND fluid and beautiful way?

Trauma, for many women and men who work with me, is an historical feature of life. But if you want to find ways forward BEYOND the C-PTSD, you may want to think about embracing a life trajectory that involves a small degree of spiritual discipline.

Not a lot. 

Just a bit.

And that can be with any spiritual practice! (Whatever suits YOU.)


Life Coaching and Your Spiritual Realm


Ultimately, the damage caused by past trauma can lead back to the intersection of spiritual/emotional/physiological and psychological issues. When you work with me, I talk about "unravelling" these and that is best done, in my view, with an underpinning of some kind of gentle discipline that gives you attunement, safety and a sense of connection.

The spiritual realm offers this in a consistent way.

You'll also need connection to your coach and people in the form of friends and supporters and  community (in a way that's safe for you,) but the spiritual realm can offer you a consistent space where you can start to move beyond your pain and find solace and comfort.


Relax and Allow the Process to Happen


One of the ways you can start to do this is to simply "relax" into yourself. Sounds easy, right?  (And it might be, for people who've had less wounding than you.) But sometimes, learning to relax into your body and who you are, learning how to BE with you, is a massive mountain to climb if you have C-PTSD. Because simply BEING in your body feels uncomfortable and unsafe. 

BEING WITH YOU can feel icky and not ok. It can feel overwhelming and tumultuous. 

And it can feel so challenging that you really don't want to go there and do everything to avoid it. 

It's important to listen to this and use this as your starting point. Trying to overlay MORE TASKS and more processes creates a stacked up series of pressuring tasks, and that is not where we want you to go or be. (Sadly, this is the way many approach the issue of healing, coaching and personal growth.)

Here's a few tips that can help you to relax into the process of change:

  • start small
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • daily writing - just a few lines
  • some exercise (we show you these)
  • some breathwork specific to YOUR issues (not templates!)
  • don't aim for huge changes and massive shifts
  • be gentle
  • work with a very grounded coach who has done the work already on himself or herself
  • create a doable morning programme (not a marathon!)
  • take time each day to reflect on jewel moments
  • focus on tiny wins as well as big wins. (This could mean you simply put the garbage out!)
  • when you feel tension in your heart, go into it briefly then step away if it gets too much
  • take your time and more time. This isn't a race
  • be very, very kind to you and your body


There is a great deal more you can do and the specifics to you will be different to the specifics for someone else.

Just relax and do a little bit. And don't expect it all to shift overnight or in one week or in one month.

This is a beautiful journey.

Enjoy it and allow it to happen.

Make meaning from it and love you and love your life.

And remember, our very wonderful and affordable group coaching starts up again in 2024. 

And you're invited. 


Love from Camilla x







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