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What Is A Spiritual Coach?

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Navigating the Path to Inner Spiritual Wellbeing


In an era where life's pace never seems to slow down, there's a growing hunger for deeper meaning, a sense of connection, and inner healing. 
The spiritual coach, different from traditional therapists or life coaches, offers a unique and often philosophical solution to these existential yearnings.
These coaches guide individuals such as you, on a transformative spiritual journey, aiding them clients to into their innate wisdom, spiritual insight, embodied presence and potential.
Spiritual coaching is one of the approaches offered by Camilla Slater Coaching Hamilton NZ and online, and is woven into her systemic coaching philosophy and methods.

She has been combining spiritual coaching and spirituality with life coaching and trauma coaching for over a decade, both with clients online and in person, and is an advocate of integrated healing and coaching for women and men. 


Defining the Role of a Spiritual Coach


A spiritual coach can be envisioned as a mentor guiding and walking beside and perhaps just a few steps ahead, of individuals - just like you - who are on their personal path to spiritual growth and even enlightenment.

At the heart of the spiritual coach's role is a vocation to empower individuals in understanding their true essence, purpose, and limitless potential.
Existential issues or feelings of lostness? A spiritual coach may in fact be your untapped solution.

These coaches utilise tools, methodologies, and insights, both ancient and modern, to bridge the everyday with the ethereal and mystical, offering a holistic approach to self-discovery, personal growth, career and professional challenges and life approach..


The Foundations of Spiritual Coaching


The journey with a spiritual coach is a deeply personal one.
It is grounded in empathy, trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to uncovering the truths that lie within.

It is also grounded in both western and eastern spiritual and mystical traditions and these can be garnered and utilised for resourcing with the client's knowledge and agreement.

A spiritual coach does not necessarily provide clear and definitive answers but rather facilitates an organic and fluid process where clients find their own answers to questions that have been concerning them. They can then be supported to expand beyond these and even self-actualise and self-heal in very novel and profound ways.

In this respect it is highly supportive and has an exploratory quality that is both refreshing and organic in nature.

Through guided introspection, considerations, philosophy, meditation, and other transformative practices, spiritual coaches such as Camilla Slater help individuals connect with their inner self, unveiling insights that have long remained hidden.


Spiritual Coaching Vs. Life Coaching


Life coaching, popularly known and on the increase in places like Hamilton, NZ, is predominantly focused on tangible outcomes. It aids individuals in strategising, setting and achieving goals, navigating personal and professional challenges, and improving overall life direction and satisfaction.

Spiritual coaching, on the other hand, ventures into the deeper layers of existence and experience, challenging the client to "go deep" and explore the internal realm in abstract and often unorthodox yet fascinating ways.

It's about soulful introspection, understanding one's purpose in the universe, and aligning with one's spiritual essence.


Spiritual Coaching AND Life Coaching Combined

Combining and harmonising spiritual coaching with life coaching creates a holistic approach to personal development that addresses both the tangible and intangible aspects of one's existence.

Life coaching, often centred on achieving specific goals, navigating personal challenges, and enhancing life skills, focuses on the practical dimensions of life.

On the other hand, spiritual coaching delves deeper, exploring one's soul, existential purpose, and the broader cosmic connection.

When harmonised and fused, these two realms of coaching offer a unique synergy. They empower individuals not only to achieve external successes but also to cultivate an inner alignment that brings about genuine peace, clarity, and purpose.

Such a holistic and integrated approach ensures that one's external achievements resonate with their inner values and spiritual aspirations, creating a life that is not just successful, but also deeply fulfilling and aligned.


Breathwork: The Ancient Art of Healing and Growth


Breathwork, a cornerstone for many spiritual coaches, (including Camilla Slater from Camilla Slater Coaching Hamilton, NZ,) is an ancient practice centred on the view that our breath is intrinsically tied to our spirit and can be used as a responsive and highly effective healing and self-empowerment tool.

A dedicated breathwork coach such as Camilla in Hamilton, NZ, guides individuals like you, in mastering breathing various techniques. These techniques can lead to profound shifts in consciousness, emotional releases, and even profound spiritual experiences.


The Spiritual Coaching Process: A Basic Overview


Engaging with a spiritual coach often involves:

  • Assessment: Understanding where the individual is on their spiritual journey.
  • Goal Setting: Identifying spiritual aspirations and areas of desired growth.
  • Customised Sessions: Tailored experiences ranging from meditation, aspects work, breathwork, guided imagery, creative activities, discussion to profound spiritual conversations.
  • Feedback & Reflection: Allowing for introspection and understanding of one's progress and areas of growth.


Q&A: Unravelling the Mysteries of Spiritual Coaching


Spiritual Coaching online and in person, and its advantages


1. Q: What exactly is spiritual coaching?
A: Spiritual coaching is a transformative journey where individuals are guided towards deeper spiritual understanding, growth, and connection with their inner selves.

2. Q: How does spiritual coaching differ from life coaching?
A: While life coaching focuses on tangible goals in personal and professional realms, spiritual coaching delves into the soul's journey, existential purpose, and alignment with the universe.

3. Q: Who can benefit from spiritual coaching?
A: Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their life's purpose, looking to heal inner wounds, or wanting to cultivate a stronger spiritual connection can greatly benefit from spiritual coaching.

4. Q: I've heard of the renowned certified coach Camilla Slater via social media. Does she specialise in spiritual coaching?
A: Yes, Camilla Slater is a certified coach who has garnered attention for her expertise in trauma-informed coaching, life coaching and spiritual coaching, guiding many towards profound spiritual shifts and greater spiritual education and awareness.

5. Q: What techniques do spiritual coaches use?
A: Spiritual coaches use a variety of techniques, ranging from meditation, breathwork, guided imagery, chakra balancing, to deep spiritual and philosophical conversations. For instance, a breathwork coach in Hamilton, NZ, might emphasise breathing techniques. Camilla Slater utilises most of these techniques along with her personally developed "ASPECTS" work and mystical work. 

6. Q: Are there spiritual coaches in Hamilton, NZ?
A: Absolutely! Hamilton, NZ, is home to several spiritual coaches, including Camilla Slater and others specialising in life coaching and trauma healing.

7. Q: How does spiritual coaching help with trauma and PTSD?
A: Through a holistic approach, spiritual coaching addresses the mind, body, and soul, offering energetic healing, grounding techniques, and a new perspective on traumatic experiences, especially when guided by a Camilla Slater. a trauma-informed coach in Waikato, NZ.

8. Q: I've been struggling with complex post-traumatic stress symptoms. Can spiritual coaching assist?
A: Yes, spiritual coaching can provide a fresh and new perspective, healing techniques, and grounding practices to assist individuals in navigating and healing from complex post-traumatic stress symptoms.

9. Q: How do I find the right spiritual coach?
A: Start by researching coaches in your area, such as searching for "spiritual coach Hamilton NZ" or seeking recommendations. Always consider the coach's credentials, expertise, online presence and reviews, and perhaps schedule an initial consultation. These can be arranged with Camilla. 30 minute introductory sessions can be booked through the website. 

10. Q: Is spiritual coaching a replacement for traditional therapy?
A: While spiritual coaching offers profound insights and healing, it isn't necessarily a replacement for traditional therapy. It can effectively and beautifully complement therapeutic practices, but if dealing with severe trauma, it's advisable to also consult a trauma coach in Hamilton or a medical professional.

11. Q: How often should I meet with my spiritual coach?
A: The frequency varies based on individual needs. Some might benefit from weekly sessions, while others find monthly meetings sufficient. These can be done online on zoom, or in a group coaching environment or even in an elite intensive residential luxury setting. All these are offered by Camilla. Discuss these options with your chosen spiritual coach and take it from there. 

12. Q: Are online sessions as effective as in-person spiritual coaching?
A: Many find online sessions just as effective if not moreso, especially with the rise of digital platforms. Whether it's with a life coach in Hamilton, NZ, or a PTSD coach in New Zealand, the key lies in the connection and rapport between coach and individual. 

13. Q: What's the difference between a spiritual coach and a religious guide?
A: While both focus on spiritual growth, spiritual coaching is often non-denominational and addresses individual spiritual journeys. Religious guides, on the other hand, often adhere to specific religious teachings.

14. Q: I'm an atheist. Can I still benefit from spiritual coaching?
A: Absolutely! Spiritual coaching isn't confined to any particular belief system. It's about connecting with your inner self, understanding purpose, and personal growth.

15. Q: What should I expect in my first spiritual coaching session?
A: Initially, expect an assessment to understand where you stand on your spiritual journey. This is a chance for both you and your coach, be it Camilla Slater or another professional, to set goals and chart out the path ahead.

16. Q: Are spiritual coaching sessions confidential?
A: Yes, just like other professional coaching or therapy sessions, confidentiality is paramount in spiritual coaching.

17. Q: Can spiritual coaching enhance my daily life?
A: Indeed! The insights, tools, and techniques you gain can significantly improve daily life, offering clarity, peace, and improved decision-making.

18. Q: Do I need any prior experience or knowledge for spiritual coaching?
A: Not at all. Whether you're a beginner or have a deep spiritual practice, spiritual coaching can be tailored to meet you where you are.

19. Q: I've heard of breathwork in spiritual coaching. What is it?
A: Breathwork is a transformative practice focusing on controlled breathing patterns. Especially emphasised by a breathwork coach in Hamilton, NZ, it aids in emotional release, spiritual experiences, and heightened self-awareness.

20. Q: Are the benefits of spiritual coaching long-lasting?
A: The benefits can indeed be long-lasting, especially if you continue to implement the techniques and insights gained during your sessions into your daily life.

Trauma Healing and Spiritual Coaching


Trauma can leave wounds that are both visible and hidden. While traditional therapy offers valuable solutions, spiritual coaching introduces an additional layer of healing that can be deeply transformative.

Here's how it aids individuals dealing with trauma, PTSD, and complex post-traumatic stress symptoms:

- Holistic Approach:

Spiritual coaching addresses the individual as a whole — mind, body, and soul. This comprehensive approach ensures that no aspect of the individual's well-being is overlooked.

- Safe Space Creation:
The trauma-informed coach in Waikato, NZ, offers a nurturing environment. It's a judgement-free zone where individuals can openly express, explore, and heal.

- Energetic Healing:
Techniques like breathwork, chakra balancing, and energy clearing can help release trapped trauma, fostering a sense of liberation.

- Reframing Perspective:
A spiritual lens often offers a new perspective on traumatic events, enabling individuals to find deeper meaning, purpose, and even growth from their experiences.

- Grounding Techniques:
Spiritual practices like meditation, grounding exercises, and mindfulness help stabilize individuals, particularly when memories or triggers arise.

Trauma Coach and Spiritual Coach Combined


When the expertise of a Trauma Coach is intertwined with the insights of a Spiritual Coach, a powerful holistic healing modality emerges.

This unique combination - proposed by life coach/trauma coach Camilla Slater, addresses the deep-seated emotional scars and traumatic memories while also tapping into one's spiritual essence, offering both healing and profound self-awareness.

By acknowledging the traumatic experiences and providing tools for recovery, a Trauma Coach lays the groundwork. Meanwhile, the Spiritual Coach component elevates this process, guiding individuals towards deep acceptance, embodiment and inner peace, real purpose, and a deeper connection with the universe.

Together, they offer a comprehensive path that not only heals wounds but also ignites the soul, leading to transformative growth.




The journey with a spiritual coach, be it in Hamilton, NZ, or elsewhere, is one of profound transformation. Camilla Slater, who offers spiritual coaching and life and ptsd coaching both locally Hamilton Waikato NZ and in Australia and globally online, believes “all really sound and insightful life coaching is imbued with a good portion of spiritual coaching.”
This is because it offers more than just healing or growth; it's a deep and resonating voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and enlightenment.

“Ultimately,” she says, “ it’s the Heroine’s Journey, which is the name of our group coaching programme on zoom which runs weekly.”

For those seeking a transformative experience, spiritual coaching with its high degree of reflection, consideration and embodiment strategies, offers you a profound experience that can really help to guide you to claim your very own Heroine’s Journey.

Feeling lost or spiritually confused?

Reach out to Camilla today or come to the free weekly zoom CREATE YOUR PATH where you get an intro into Camilla’s ideas and practices. .

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